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23 мая, 2024
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Tell police of money scam proof (Timesofmalta.com 1/16/13)

Rakhat Aliyev

Rakhat Aliyev

Anyone who had proof that Rakhat Aliyev – the former son-in-law of Kazakh dictator Nursultan Nazarbayev– was using Malta as a base to launder money should speak to the police, Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi has said.

He made the comment in a letter sent to Alternattiva Demokratika’s international affairs spokesman, Arnold Cassola, who circulated the letter to the media on Monday.

Prof. Cassola wrote to Dr Gonzi asking about the case Mr Aliyev, who had been living in Malta with his Austrian wife, since 2010. He faces accusations by the Kazakh regime of human rights abuse, torture and involvement in the murder of two bankers.

In his letter, Dr Gonzi reiterated the Maltese courts had no jurisdiction over the torture accusations against Mr Aliyev, although this position was now being challenged in court.

Dr Gonzi said Mr Aliyev was in Malta because he was married to an EU citizen and had freedom of movement.



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